About US

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OKI PROJECTS is a boutique leather arts studio that merges commitment to rigorous craftsmanship with a sentimental-minimal design aesthetic. Its founder is Hye Eun Yang. Before apprenticing in leather, Hye Eun trained and worked first as an architect and then as a graphic designer. She finally found her true calling in leather arts. Its ancient and meticulous methods and broad spectrums of color and texture provided the perfect medium for Hye Eun’s creativity and mild obsessiveness.


OKI PROJECTS debuted its first collection at the A/W 2015 Waterfall Mansion Gallery show in New York. It then displayed seasonal collections in major New York trade shows before moving on to the prestigious showroom Boon Paris in subsequent years. These collections were developed by working closely with two of the most prestigious ateliers in Paris. Restlessly itinerant, OKI's atelier is based this year in Chelsea, NYC. It has returned to its artisanal roots, connecting directly to connoisseur clients with its smaller handcrafted collections.


OKI PROJECTS’ most important team member is Ernie, an almost five year-old Parson Russell Terrier with sparkly eyes and button nose. His main job is to hang out under work stations and wait for snacks or toys to drop.